Why Outsource IT ?

Information Technology Management (ITM) is becoming more complex and more time consuming every year. Outsourcing IT delivers effective mission-critical support, while maximizing efficiency for clients.

Access to up-to-date, enterprise-quality Best Practices and IT Solutions, Manageable and predictable IT costs, Continuity and longer-term strategy in IT management and support, cybersecurity and uninterrupted operations.

We are able to help you maintain your institutional knowledge

Continuous Operations

A capable Outsourced IT Department like Linked MSP proactively manages your current and future IT needs and challenges, ensuring that you have the support and the data you need. With the speed of business today, you cannot afford to have your operations interrupted because of data breaches or IT failures. Proactive IT management means that your outsourced IT partner is continuously monitoring your network and your critical devices to check for anything out of the norm that could impact your ability to access and manage information.

Responsive, Highly Capable Support

Inevitably something will go wrong. It could be a power outage, minor (or major) disaster, broken equipment, cyberattack or an employee who mistakenly or intentionally causes damage to your business. When a problem does occur, an outsourced partner can get you back in business quickly. They will have implemented best practices for a situation like this, minimizing Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) and your Recovery Point Objectives (RPO).

Your Outsourced IT Partner will have developed and updated regularly a business continuity and data recovery plan for you. They will be continuously monitoring your network and critical devices to quickly identify a problem, lock down problem areas immediately, and recover any lost data as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Efficient Use Of IT Resources

Typically, most small companies get more value by outsourcing, than by hiring full time internal people. If they have internal IT support, then Outsourcing certain elements of the IT needs can help them be much more efficient in utilizing those resources.

Outsourced IT providers (such as Linked MSP) can supplement internal IT teams effectively by enabling those internal teams to focus on their core areas of expertise, and relying on outsourced partners to supplement the internal knowledge. As a result, companies that outsource some of their IT needs can save money, time and a drain on people.


Outsourcing can help companies in need of IT support for rapid or unplanned growth. Rather than hire teams, especially for help in the transition phases of growth, companies will choose to outsource for services that enable them to grow at their pace needed at a particular time

By outsourcing, companies can expand or contract their support quickly, without going through the process of hiring and firing people. Often, in periods of rapid growth, companies will need specific areas of support for limited timeframes. As they scale their business, they can wait to hire full time support as needed, once they fully understand the challenges that their new, larger organization present.

Ability To Focus On
What You Do Best

Most companies are NOT in the business of Information Technology Management. So rather than devote their valuable resources toward IT management, companies outsource their IT management, so they can focus on what they do best.

Several studies support the idea that companies are more profitable, and employees are more productive, when the organization focuses on leveraging their strengths, more than trying to fix their weaknesses internally. Source: Psychology Today (among others)

Finding The Right Fit For You

Not all Outsourced IT Partners are the same. Some focus on “break/fix” or purchasing hardware or software others like Linked MSP provide enterprise-level support to smaller companies. Unfortunately, there are MSPs focus on offering minimal reactive service, and devote their resources to fixing problems after they become an issue. This often saves money up front, but creates far greater problems (downtime, business interruption, etc.) and increases costs down the road.

Linked MSP is careful to only support those clients whom we believe are the best match for our services. Sometimes we may not be the best solution for a prospective client. In those situations, we may recommend a provider who could be a better fit.

The Current Reality of


For small business and smaller middle market companies (<500 employees), recruiting and retaining a complete, full-time cybersecurity support staff is not financially feasible. Companies find they are better served by working with an outsourced cybersecurity partner that can provide the tools, process and trained people to guide them. A true cybersecurity expert will direct them in developing strategies to identify threats, to develop security practices, to monitor threats and weaknesses, to train teams, to minimize attacks when they happen and to accelerate the process of recovery, should a data breach occur.

Hacker Attacks Happen Every 39 Seconds

Source: University of Maryland

95% Of Cybersecurity Breaches Are Due To Human Error.

Source: Cybint Solutions

More Than 77% Of Organizations Do Not Have A Cyber Security Incident Response Plan.

Source: Cybint Solutions

Total Cybercrime Will Cost Businesses Over $2 Trillion In 2019

Source: Juniper Research

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