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Us Dept of Commerce Standards and Best Practices for Cybersecurity

The US Department of Commerce recently identified Best Practices for cybersecurity. Linked MSP follows this 5 Part process.

1. Identify

  • Identify and control who has access to your biz information
  • Conduct background checks
  • Require individual user accounts for each employees
  • Create policies and procedures for information security

2. Protect

  • Limit employee access to data and information
  • Install surge protectors and uninterruptible power supplies (UPS)
  • Patch your operating systems and applications
  • Install and activate software and hardware firewalls on all your biz networks
  • Secure your wireless access point and networks
  • Set up web and email filters
  • Use encryption for sensitives business information
  • Dispose of old computers and media safely
    Train your employees

3. Detect

  • Install and update anti-virus, -spyware, and other -malware programs
  • Maintain and monitor logs

4. Respond

  • Develop a plan for disasters and information security incidents

5. Recover

  • Make full backups of important business data/information
  • Make incremental backups of important business data/information
  • Consider cyber insurance
  • Make improvements to processes/procedures/technologies

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