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Ukiah County IT Solutions

Recently, many businesses in Ukiah County have begun to face mounting challenges, primarily associated with cyber-security. Many of the challenges would never have been a problem as few as fifteen years ago. However, a lack of IT knowledge has often meant that despite investing in the latest tech, businesses can still be hacked or their security breached. One of the reasons many businesses are left vulnerable is that the rapid industry changes have left many business owners behind.


Linked MSP provides enterprise-class cybersecurity services to
protect your business assets on premise, remotely or in the cloud.

Linked MSP provides enterprise-class cybersecurity services to protect clients' assets on premise, remotely or in the cloud.

We deliver peace of mind for business owners by working to ensure: 

Being behind the IT curve means that they will often fall victim to cyber-attacks. The attacks don’t just cripple the business but also steal their confidential information, consequently damaging credibility. Also, it has now become increasingly easy for an attacker with the right tools to mount an offensive against a business, but the attack is far more challenging to detect or trace. Many of the attacks are from individuals located overseas who are actively looking for holes in systems.

The risk of an attack is further exacerbated because many employees are now working from home. Working from home means that sensitive data is transmitted across often insecure Wi-Fi, which makes an attacker’s job easier. Attackers will often launch a man-in-the-middle attack to intercept email correspondence and chats moving across the home’s Wi-Fi.

At Linked MSP, we help businesses across Ukiah county ensure that their servers and customer data are protected. Our team comprises the most experienced professionals who have been helping businesses like yours for years.

Why Choose Outsourced IT Support?

The big reason for any business in Ukiah county to outsource their IT solutions is so that they can attend to other business matters. Our team takes the burden of all the IT-related tasks and even lowers the burden of anybody working for you in-house.

Studies have shown that having outsourced IT support working for you is a lot more profitable because it allows for leveraging the business’s strengths without worrying about holes in its network.
About Linked MSP

Linked MSP is here to help businesses grow with a solid IT foundation. We invest in the latest and greatest technology while taking a collaborative approach to tackle many cyber-security problems.

Our team also works with the IT departments to help supplement their expertise. The key continues to be clear communication and transparency when working with all sizes and types of businesses.

IT Security

The fact is that businesses today, regardless of their size or nature, are the victims of cyberattacks. Some of the attacks are meant to steal data; others are to cripple a business’s operations. That’s why it is so important to have a solid cyber-security plan in place.

At Linked MSP in Ukiah county, we specialize in providing clients enterprise-level cyber security. The goal of our service is to minimize and thwart attacks that may impact the business. We also work to eliminate any threats which may end up compromising the business in any way. One way of doing this is to follow the flow of information, which helps us prevent attacks and breaches.

The team at Linked MSP also creates user-level accounts and policies for everyone working for the organization and rolls out the use of encryption to make interception harder.

We will routinely: 

Businesses Benefit Greatly From

Outsourcing IT Solutions

71% Of Attacks Hit Businesses With Under 100 Employees

Networks That Work

If there was one reason we would advise that businesses outsource their IT solutions in Ukiah County, it is because it frees them up from dealing with IT-related issues. Instead, business owners can devote their time to managing their business and leave cyber-security and their servers to us.  In fact, some studies show that businesses can be more profitable, and employees  more productive when leveraging their strengths instead of having to wrestle with IT-related problems. 

FCC gives telecom companies 7 days to alert authorities of discovered data breaches

71% Of Attacks Hit Businesses With Under 100 Employees

Networks That Work

Why Choose Linked MSP?

We can tell you from experience that information technology has, in general, become more complex over the last couple of years. Even though many businesses have invested in the latest technology, the fact is that development still outpaces their knowledge. That’s why businesses in Ukiah need to invest in outsourcing IT support, not only because it saves them from keeping up but also because it can make a huge difference.

The team at Linked MSP has been living and breathing IT for several years. We have lots of industry experience, which puts us in the best position to help you. Our team works closely with businesses, ensuring that their servers, computers, and networks are prepared for everything. We use firewalls, segregation, and numerous other measures to prevent data leaks.

Our goal is to make sure that your business can operate uninterrupted for years. The key is the proactive monitoring of the servers, network, and others on the network to help thwart attacks.
We can also help by supplementing the in-house IT department for businesses in Ukiah county. That way, if you have an in-house team, they can continue focusing on the business’s internal cyber-security. If anything, this approach helps to mitigate attacks.

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