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Many small and medium-sized businesses in Windsor are unable to keep up with the rapid change in IT technology. Unfortunately, the inability to keep up with the latest changes to software, hardware and cyber-security often means that these businesses are at risk of cyber-attacks. While in the past, cyber-attacks were generally targeted against large multi-national corporations, today, even small businesses are becoming a target. Small business owners in Windsor need to realize that they can no longer leave their networks and IT infrastructure to chance. Add to that the increasing number of employees working from home and the multitude of external devices connected to a business's network. You have the perfect recipe for disaster without the proper cyber-security protocols in place. Today, small businesses are at risk of being compromised by phishing attacks, denial of service attacks, ransomware, etc. Every one of these attack vectors can be potentially devastating.


Linked MSP provides enterprise-class cybersecurity services to
protect your business assets on premise, remotely or in the cloud.

Linked MSP provides enterprise-class cybersecurity services to protect clients' assets on premise, remotely or in the cloud.

Linked MSP is one of the leading sources of IT support for businesses across Windsor. We pride ourselves on delivering enterprise-level cyber-security and IT support measures to both small and large businesses alike.

Our IT solutions include:

Outsourced IT Solutions

ITM or Information Technology Management is a complex subject that has grown in complexity over the years. That’s why even though businesses in Windsor are investing in the latest and greatest IT technology, they still can’t be assured of security. Also, many times, these businesses can’t entirely leverage these new technologies’ performance and power metrics.

At Linked MSP, our teams have years of experience working as IT professionals; we are up to date on the latest technology, which allows us to meet the present and future needs of a business. Our goal is to ensure that businesses are always prepared for the challenges ahead, which means they always have the data security and support needed.

Regardless of the type or size of business, no business can afford to have its operations interrupted because of breaches or failure of IT systems. Our proactive IT management service makes sure that there is always a team monitoring your network and connected devices for unusual activity. If detected, we quickly move into high gear to stop the possible attack.

Our outsourced IT support can also help businesses by supplementing their internal IT teams. That way, internal teams can focus on their core areas of expertise and leave everything else to us. Businesses can save a great deal of time and money with this approach by benefiting from the best of both worlds.

IT Security That works

Businesses in Windsor, regardless of size, are under a real threat of cyber-attacks, especially if their security is outdated. Furthermore, not having a security plan in place can end up costing businesses a lot of money. In some cases, it can even lead to a business having to shut down operations.

Linked MSP works with businesses to ensure they are protected with enterprise-level cyber-security regardless of their size. A proactive approach helps to reduce the risk of attacks and minimizes any impact if an attack were to occur.

We work with businesses to help identify cyber-threats and then design a security strategy based on that. Our team also works on controlling key identifying information by running background checks and creating accounts with limited access.

We will routinely do the following:

Businesses Benefit Greatly From

Outsourcing IT Solutions

QNAP has disclosed and released fixes for two new vulnerabilities, one of them a zero-day discovered in early November 2023.

71% Of Attacks Hit Businesses With Under 100 Employees

Networks That Work

A big reason why a business in Windsor will want to outsource IT solutions is that it frees the business owner or manager from handling those matters. Often valuable time that can be used for advertising, marketing and customer service is diverted to handling IT-related tasks. If anything, this approach can hinder a business's ability to do business! When you choose to outsource to us, our team will handle everything. Studies show that businesses can be more profitable and their employees more productive if they focus on their core strengths instead of trying to patch a weakness.

71% Of Attacks Hit Businesses With Under 100 Employees

Networks That Work

About Linked MSP Santa Rosa IT Specialists

Linked MSP was founded by John Comfort, who has over 30 years of Outsourced IT support and IT consulting experience. Working with a dedicated team of experts, he helps clients manage their IT systems more securely.

Our company collaborates with the internal IT department to ensure that clients are aware of a threat before it ends up becoming a significant issue. Also, by being proactive, we can help our clients patch potentially disastrous security vulnerabilities.

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