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Many small and medium-sized businesses in Petaluma are faced with challenges that are unlike what they have had to deal with in the past. Though the biggest challenge for most, at least small businesses, is utilizing IT or Information Technology, where the rate of change far outpaces many people’s ability to learn. That’s why it is up to a small group of tech-savvy businesses staffed by individuals who have been in the industry for decades to help business owners.  Many business owners, unfortunately, fail to realize that cyberattacks are very real. When (cyber attacks) hit a business, it can cripple them to the extent they may even go bankrupt. Furthermore, the number of cyberattacks in recent years has more than quadrupled from previous years, mainly because many systems continue to remain vulnerable. Also, attacking a vulnerable system is easier than patching it or recovering from an attack. Add to that the number of people who are now working from home, and the risk of a data leak or devices being compromised with ransomware and phishing attacks is very real. Cyberattacks are real, and they can cripple just about any size or type of organization. The number of attacks in recent years has skyrocketed, mainly because businesses cannot keep up with the pace of technological development. Add to that an increasing number of people working from home, and there is always the risk of data leaks, devices being compromised, phishing attacks, ransomware and servers becoming a target for denial-of-service attacks, to name a few.


Linked MSP provides enterprise-class cybersecurity services to
protect your business assets on premise, remotely or in the cloud.

Linked MSP provides enterprise-class cybersecurity services to protect clients' assets on premise, remotely or in the cloud.

Linked MSP has established itself as being one of the leading sources of support for businesses in Petaluma. As a company staffed by techies, we deliver enterprise-quality cybersecurity solutions and IT support to small and mid-tier businesses. Our clients have always trusted us to: 

Outsourced IT Support That Works

ITM, or Information Technology Management, has, over the years, become increasingly more complex. Many businesses in Petaluma continue to invest in the latest and greatest technology, but that isn’t always enough. Outsourcing IT ensures that mission-critical support is delivered when needed. 

Linked MSP has a history of providing clients in Petaluma with a competent outsourced IT department, helping businesses to manage their present and future IT needs. The company works with business leaders to prepare the business for challenges ahead, ensuring they have the support and security needed to grow. 

Regardless of the business you own, its operations can’t be interrupted. IT failures and breaches are simply unacceptable, which is why a proactive IT management solution is so important. When you have professionals like us continuously monitoring the network and devices, watching out for unusual activity, it ensures that your business can continue to perform optimally without a hitch. 

Our IT support can also help to supplement a medium-sized business’s internal IT department. Whether you have one or several people, partnering with us often brings a laundry list of expertise that may otherwise not be available. Furthermore, you can reduce the stress and reliance on what may not be a well-staffed internal team. 

IT Security That Really Protects You

We are living in an age where cyber-attacks against organizations are real, and it isn’t just big businesses that need to worry about it. Small businesses are increasingly becoming a target, and they are often the victims that may end up having to shutter their operations.

Not having the right cybersecurity plan can cost you big time. That’s why we work with businesses to provide them with enterprise-level cybersecurity. Our security plan has helped many businesses avert potentially devastating attacks, and when there is an attack, the damage or impact can be minimized. 

A significant part of providing cybersecurity is identifying a threat and then developing a strategy accordingly. 

We work to protect businesses by deploying safeguards to ensure that critical infrastructure services aren’t damaged in the event of an attack.

We make sure to do the following: 

Businesses Benefit Greatly From

Outsourcing IT Solutions

71% Of Attacks Hit Businesses With Under 100 Employees

Networks That Work

If there were one reason to outsource IT solutions, we’d have to say is it frees business owners from handling these matters themselves. Our IT support in Petaluma frees businesses from dealing with many of the issues associated with running a secure network. That way, they are free to focus on building clients, advertising and customer service. 

Proofpoint researchers identified the return of email-based Bumblebee malware attacking US businesses.

71% Of Attacks Hit Businesses With Under 100 Employees

Networks That Work

About Linked MSP Petaluma IT Specialists

Linked MSP in Petaluma has been helping clients manage their IT needs for a very long time. Our collaborative approach is one of the best ways to support local businesses in the community. 

We also work with internal IT departments to ensure the best possible security for the business. Clear communication coupled with a team of highly-seasoned industry experts ensures that your business enjoys the very best security.

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