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Today, businesses face an increasing number of challenges in Napa. Small and midsized businesses are facing an immense challenge. Information Technology is one of the biggest challenges to many businesses. One of the reasons for IT being a challenge is the immense pace at which it is changing. The rate and pace of change are making it near impossible for many business owners to keep up. However, the only individuals equipped to keep up with the change are IT or tech-savvy people, many of whom are employed in the tech industry.


Linked MSP provides enterprise-class cybersecurity services to
protect your business assets on premise, remotely or in the cloud.

Linked MSP provides enterprise-class cybersecurity services to protect clients' assets on premise, remotely or in the cloud.

Being behind in IT means that businesses are easy victims of various malicious cyber attacks. Not only do these attacks cripple their business, but they also tarnish their credibility. Furthermore, since mounting a cyber attack has become easier, the frequency and aggression associated with malware and ransomware attacks have increased. Often these cyber attackers operate with impunity from countries outside of the US taking advantage of vulnerabilities that should have been patched weeks ago.

The risk of being hacked or hijacked is further compounded by a growing number of employees who are forced to work from home. Many times the sensitive data is exposed or at least potentially exposed across insecure domestic internet connections. Hackers can easily read unencrypted emails and hack into insecure home networks using phishing attacks and DDOS to cripple mail and web servers.

At Linked MSP, we have been helping businesses across Napa ensure that their business is shielded from such attacks. We offer excellent quality cybersecurity and IT support to middle market and small businesses.

We offer business owners peace of mind, ensuring:

Is Outsourced IT Support For My Business?

Over the years, Information Technology Management (ITM) has become increasingly more complex. The problem with many businesses in Napa is that even though they have invested in the latest and great technology, the pace of development has outpaced their ability to keep up. That’s why outsourcing IT support is so important for businesses of all sizes.

Since we live and breathe IT, our team is in the best position to provide competently outsourced IT support to manage a business’s future and present needs. Our team works with business owners to prepare their systems and networks for the future. We ensure iron-clad data and system-level security, regardless of its complexity.

We ensure that clients can continue to operate their business uninterrupted by IT failures and breaches. Our team continuously monitors your network and associated devices, countering any attacks before they take a toll on your business.

We can also supplement your in-house IT support team in Napa. That way, the in-house teams can focus on their core areas of expertise while we supplement their expertise. This approach can save your business both time and money.

IT Security

We can tell you from experience that cyber attacks are launched against businesses regardless of size. That’s why your business, like every other, is in danger of being attacked. Having a solid cyber security plan in place is more important than ever before because an out-of-date plan is like not having security at all!

At Linked MSP in Napa, our service provides enterprise-level cyber security regardless of how big or small. Our goal is to minimize attacks and their impact on a business. A big part of making sure that the service works is to identify and eliminate threats before they even start interfering with a business. The other key is to identify and strictly control access to all information deemed ‘critical’ within the organization. Our team needs to run background checks and create well-thought-of user-level accounts and policies for everyone part of the business.

We Routinely:

Businesses Benefit Greatly From

Outsourcing IT Solutions

71% Of Attacks Hit Businesses With Under 100 Employees

Networks That Work

One of the reasons you should outsource IT solutions in Napa is because it means you don’t have to deal with it. You are then free to deal with other business-related stuff. As a business owner, your time is better spent managing the business, your sales team and other aspects while leaving security to us. Many studies show a business can be more profitable by fully leveraging its strengths instead of focusing on IT-related tasks.

FCC gives telecom companies 7 days to alert authorities of discovered data breaches

71% Of Attacks Hit Businesses With Under 100 Employees

Networks That Work

About Linked MSP Napa IT Specialists

Linked MSP is all about helping business owners manage their IT needs and security. We help them leverage the best technology using a collaborative approach.

We work with businesses that have internal IT departments, supplementing their in-house teams. That said, our clear communication and transparency ensure that clients are always aware of issues before they cripple their business. Keeping clients in the know allows us to deploy solutions proactively, ensuring that businesses can continue to operate smoothly.

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