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Cyberattacks against organizations today are a reminder of the threats businesses face continually. Not having a security plan in place can be costly with long-term effects. Linked MSP brings enterprise-level cybersecurity practices to small and middle market clients, reducing the risk of attacks and minimizing impact should an attack occur.


Linked MSP provides enterprise-class cybersecurity services to
protect your business assets on premise, remotely or in the cloud.

Linked MSP provides enterprise-class cybersecurity services to protect clients' assets on premise, remotely or in the cloud.

We deliver peace of mind for business owners by working to ensure: 

Today, the challenges faced by many midsized and small businesses in Healdsburg are unprecedented. One of the most significant challenges for businesses is Information Technology, mainly because the pace of change makes it hard for business owners to keep up. The only people capable of keeping up with this rapid pace of chance are tech-savvy individuals, many of whom are already employed in the tech industry. 

The unfortunate situation caused by business owners not being ahead of the curve, so to speak, means that they often become victims of cyber attacks. Not only do these malicious attacks cripple an organization, but they tarnish its reputation. The number of attacks in recent years has skyrocketed, with tech-savvy attackers often based in other countries taking advantage of vulnerabilities that should otherwise have been patched months and sometimes years ago.

The risk of cyberattacks is further compounded by the number of people now working from home, accessing sensitive data via insecure home internet connections. Unencrypted emails and internet connections can be compromised in various ways, from phishing attacks to crippling ransomware attacks and DDOS or denial of service attacks, amongst others. 

At Linked MSP, we are one of the leading sources of support for businesses in Healdsburg. We offer enterprise-quality cybersecurity and IT support to small and middle-market businesses.

Why Choose Outsourced IT Support?

We’ve seen Information Technology Management (ITM) become a lot more complex in a few short years. However, businesses in Healdsburg are consistently investing in the latest and greatest they can afford. Outsourcing IT support delivers practical mission-critical support, which in turn maximizes efficiency. 

We provide businesses with a highly competent outsourced IT department that will manage their present and future needs. Our team works with you to prepare your business for future challenges. The goal is iron-clad data security and much-needed support owing to the rising complexity of technology. 

Our team makes sure that your business isn’t interrupted by security breaches or IT failures. We take a proactive approach to IT management by continuously monitoring your network and all associated devices. 

Our outsourced IT support in Healdsburg also helps businesses supplement their regular IT teams. The in-house teams can focus on core areas of their expertise while we supplement their expertise, consequently saving time and money. 

IT Security

Today, cyber attacks against businesses of all sizes are very real. Just about every business is under threat. That’s why having the right cyber security plan in place is so important. Not having one is no longer an option. Out-of-date security is just as good as not having security at all. 

At Linked MSP in Healdsburg, we offer enterprise-level cyber security to businesses, regardless of their size. We minimize attacks and their impact on your organization. 

A significant part of providing this service is identifying a threat and then developing a security strategy to deal with it. One of the keys is identifying and controlling access to all critical information within the organization. It is essential to run background checks, create secure user-level accounts and policies across the organization for everyone.

We will routinely: 

Businesses Benefit Greatly From

Outsourcing IT Solutions

71% Of Attacks Hit Businesses With Under 100 Employees

Networks That Work

If there was one reason we would advise that businesses outsource their IT solutions in Healdsburg, it is because it frees them up from dealing with IT-related issues. Instead, business owners can devote their time to managing their business and leave cyber-security and their servers to us.  In fact, some studies show that businesses can be more profitable, and employees  more productive when leveraging their strengths instead of having to wrestle with IT-related problems. 

71% Of Attacks Hit Businesses With Under 100 Employees

Networks That Work

About Linked MSP Healdsburg IT Specialists

At Linked MSP, our goal is to help clients manage their IT needs while effectively leveraging the power of technology to its full extent. We offer a collaborative approach, which is the best way to support local businesses in Healdsburg.

We continue to work with businesses that have internal IT departments, often supplementing their in-house teams. However, we pride ourselves on providing clear communication, making sure our clients are aware of issues before they end up being crippled by them. The approach enables us to deploy solutions for problems proactively, ensuring that a business can continue to operate unhindered.

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