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Industry Focused Solutions

Linked MSP serves a wide range of small and middle market companies in California. We serve many industries including (but not limited to) financial and insurance services, banking, healthcare, legal services and law firms, wine, water districts, casinos, Sonoma county businesses, manufacturing, construction, non-profit, distribution, and many others.

Small and Medium Businesses

Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs)

Regardless of the size of your business, cybercriminals target any vulnerable network. A single unprotected or improperly secured edge device can be all they need to access an entire system. Cyberattacks can occur in several different ways including internet-sourced hacking, malware, ransomware, and other dangerous methods that can damage your network and your reputation. Linked MSP specializes in helping small to medium sized businesses properly prepare and proactively protect their network and their assets.

Wine Industry

As wineries and vineyards invest in new technologies to monitor and collect vital data through the grape growing and winemaking process, it is important to remember that any devices that connect to the network or the Internet are potential points of entry for cybersecurity threats. The same holds true in the tasting rooms and retail counters – wherever customer transactions occur.

With the rich history of wineries and service providers to the wine industry, Linked MSP has served a number of California wineries in Sonoma County, Napa County, and throughout California. We understand the unique challenges for cybersecurity and data management that wineries face.

Wine Industry
Indian Reservations and Casinos

Indian Reservations and Casinos

Tribal government and the gaming industry face significant threats to their data networks and are subject to compliance regulations. There are rigid standards and harsh penalties for non-compliance. Personal information, gaming operations, network infrastructure and company reputations could all be compromised, without appropriate cybersecurity measures in place. Key vectors include outdated software, incomplete administrative policies, weak passwords, lack of email filtering, and web content filtering. It is important to remember that people and culture are a vital part of proper security protocols.

With our track record of success with clients in this industry, Linked MSP is familiar with the unique challenges not only for the gaming industry but also for Indian reservations, especially in California.

Water Districts

According to a recent article published by Berkeley Law, “Water data has become quite a hot topic in California, and rightly so: throughout the state, decision-makers desperately need better information to guide their efforts to better manage this resource. Recent legislation has gotten us to the starting line, but how well new data platforms ultimately serve water management will depend on clear thinking and bold action during implementation.”


California’s Open and Transparent Water Data Act (AB 1755), passed in 2016, focuses on data integration and interoperability, with implications for Water Districts to “get up to speed” on managing their own data, so they can integrate with the state.


Linked MSP has worked with water districts and we understand not only the broad IT challenges water districts face to conform to California law, but also the day-to-day cybersecurity and data management challenges faced by water districts in our state.

Water Districts