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Active Threat Response Team

Linked MSP's proactive approach to managed IT services ensures that your organization stays protected against active cyber threats. Here's our process for handling such incidents:

Our Methodology For

Resolving Active Threats

1.  Initial Contact

When you reach out to us regarding an active cybersecurity threat, our team will promptly respond to assess the situation.

2.  Immediate Action

We will take immediate action to contain the threat, isolate affected systems, and prevent further infiltration into your network.

3.  Threat Analysis

Our experienced cybersecurity experts will conduct a thorough analysis of the threat to determine its nature, scope, and potential impact on your organization.

4.  Incident Response Plan

Based on our assessment, we will develop a tailored incident response plan to mitigate the threat and minimize disruption to your business operations.

5.  Remediation and Recovery

Our team will work diligently to remediate the affected systems, remove any malicious software, and restore normalcy to your IT infrastructure.

6.  Continuous Monitoring & Improvement

Our commitment to your organization’s security doesn’t end with incident resolution. We will implement continuous monitoring measures and recommend improvements to strengthen your defenses against future threats.