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Trusted cybersecurity and IT Support in Uncertain Times

Today, the challenges facing small business and mid-sized companies are unprecedented. In the field of Information Technology Management (ITM), change takes place in what appears to be nanoseconds. Cyberattacks cripple unprotected organizations. Pandemics drive companies to work at home, with unease about the cybersecurity given to their employees ….and to their mission-critical data.

In uncertain times, companies turn to trusted sources to provide critical support. For nearly three decades, Linked MSP’s founder and his teams have delivered enterprise-quality IT and cybersecurity support to middle market and small business clients. Our clients, many who have been with us for years, trust us because we deliver on these simple promises:

Protecting The Interests Of Our Clients

Linked MSP Solutions

Protecting The Interests Of Our Clients

Linked MSP Solutions

Outsourced IT Support

Linked MSP provides mission-critical IT support for small and middle market clients, both traditional MSP (IT Managed Service Provider) support and consulting on special projects.

For clients without an in-house IT team, we deliver fully outsourced IT services, or we collaborate with an existing IT department to drive information system excellence throughout an organization.

Linked MSP’s Outsourced IT support focuses on delivering:


Cyberattacks are a constant threat – a fact of life; a harsh reality of doing business today. And when they happen, there can be a steep price to pay. Linked MSP follows the guidelines of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) to provide extraordinary security for our clients. Our critical priorities:

Whether your users or assets are onsite, remote, or in the Cloud, Linked MSP provides enterprise-level security for your organization – from small law firms, to large wineries or multi-site tribal governments.

Market Specific Solutions

Not all markets and industries share the same IT critical issues and urgent needs. One size does not fit all. Linked MSP customizes IT support and solutions based on industry-specific needs. We serve most industries and non-profits operating in the small and middle market space. We also have expertise in several key markets and industries in Northern California including:

For outsourced IT support, specialized consulting, or cybersecurity solutions, Linked MSP provides industry-specific solutions to meet your unique and specialized requirements.

Solutions Are Ready.